READ FIRST! Information on how to post!

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READ FIRST! Information on how to post!

Post by Steven on Sun Jul 05, 2015 3:25 pm

Thank you for considering to donate to us! Your donations help the server and everyone else as a whole!

Now, being a donor also comes with perks that may put you over the top. Yes, when you donate the money always comes back to the server to ensure happy players, and better software. BUT... when you donate you get to choose prizes that you will recieve right away.

This is how it works.

$1 - 10 donations points
$5 - 50 donation points
$10 - 110 donation points
$15 - 160 donation points
$20 - 220 donation points
$25 - 270 donation points
$30 - 340 donation points
$35 - 390 donation points
$40 - 470 donation points
$45 - 520 donation points
$50 - 610 donation points
$100 - 1500 donation points

Now with these donation points you take them to the NPC "Donor". You can get there by typing @home. The "Donor" NPC will give you a list of items you can get with these donation points. Here's that list.

10 Donation Points for 100 event points
10 Donation Points for 50 CUdiMS Money
10 Donation Points for 5 Vote Points
30 Donation Points for 1 Rare Chair
45 Donation Points for 1 Event Trophy
50 Donation Points for Max Stat Sparkling Ring
70 Donation Points for GM Roar
80 Donation Points for Max Stat sword with 100 Watk
110 Donation Points for MSI of your choice. (This NPC will be called Donors MSI Sidekick)

Items NOT on the NPC that you may get by requesting :

5 Donation Points for custom IGN
5 Donation Points for custom guild name

Now, you can also request other items, and you will list those in your application. Other items that I have listed are already in the game and are not needed to be listed. Here's the outline of how you should present your donation thread.

1) IGN -
2) How much donated -
3) Requested items (If any) -

Once I recieve your thread, I will PM you via forum or game and ask for your ID. Once I recieve the payment I will reward the requested items and/or donation points.

Thank you!


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